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Updated: Jan 19, 2020

Jamie Bonzyck invited me to work on a project with her, one based on our shared observations that leading early education programs is a challenge- especially given the volatile climate that we’re living in. Currently, early education is undergoing a monumental shift- we’ve finally started to organized and define ourselves as a profession.

NAEYC is leading the Power to the Profession movement in the hopes that the field can have a unified voice.In the work of defining ourselves there are many opinions, stakeholders and ultimately children who are impacted. Jamie and I have recognized that we need

Compassion, Courage and Curiosity to help us navigate the waters of value-driven conversations. The topics and decisions that are coming up in the Power to the Profession process are near and dear to our hearts.

How do we share our opinions, listen to those of others and finally arrive at a place where everyone is represented? We discuss how using specific dispositions can help us to achieve this.

You can download the article here:

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