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Course Writing Services

I help trainers, directors and early education professionals with great ideas write their trainings and get them approved in Develop. There are three ways that I interact with clients for Course Writing needs.

#1 Course Submission in Develop

This option is for folks who already have a training written and only need it submitted for approval in Develop. In this process I review the training for required elements, submit the training to Develop for approval and assign you course ownership after it is approved.  

#2 Training Development & Approval 

This is a great option if you have content knowledge and need to turn it into a training, but don't know how to write a high quality training (and just want it taken care of!).


Please contact me to discuss a scope of work along with pricing.

#3 Training Review & Feedback 

This option is for folks who have a training written and would like to have it reviewed for adult learning best practices and approval in Develop. 

We work together in a feedback cycle to strengthen your training and make sure it's ready for submission. 

If you would like to work with me for your Course Writing needs, send an email to


Still not sure? Read on to find out if I'm a good fit for you!

  • ​Early education is a profession, I will not submit any courses that use language which minimizes the work of educators (example: daycare, babysitting, etc). 

  • You use professional resources in the creation of your content and actively consider perspectives outside of your own. Before accepting a course to submit I will review it to ensure that resources used to create the training are academically appropriate and of good quality. 

  • Children are whole and complete humans. I will not submit courses that use language which is disrespectful to children or uses labels to describe children (for example, calling children “biters”, etc).

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