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Looking for Develop-approved training? You've found it!

All classes are available in English and Spanish. 

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If you are looking for live trainings online (via Zoom) or in-person, fill out the contact form below.

Popular trainings

Introduction To Cultural Consciousness: Considering Cultural Dynamics

Explore and practice cultural consciousness. Diversity presents itself in many ways when working with young children and their families. Learn how culture impacts child development and our relationships with families. 

Effective Educators: Behavior Guidance With The Brain In Mind

Integrate a new mindset about behavior guidance in your practice as an educator. Recent research guides us in developing better behavior guidance strategies for working with young children, this includes observing children’s development and understanding what behaviors are appropriate. Participants learn about how behavior is wired in the brain and leave with a refreshed understanding of, and a variety of strategies for, appropriate guidance for young children. 

 Recognizing Culture Authentically in Early Education Settings

Recognizing the myriad of ways that children are diverse is an ethical obligation in our practice as educators. Our appreciation for diversity is reflected in our interactions, environment, and mindset. This course helps educators to integrate an authentic appreciation for diversity into their teaching practices and teaching mindset. Through application of the methods discussed, educators are able to connect with children and their families more effectively. 

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